Words of the Day (9/25)

Here’s the next installment of my Friday words. For all my Words of the Day posts, click HERE.


  • Assassin. (Noun. A murderer of an important person, generally for political or religious reasons.) This word comes from the Arabic word hashishiyyin (hashish-users). A slightly nutty Ismaili Muslim sect back in the time of the Crusades (1095 – 1291) had a reputation for going out and murdering enemy leaders after they got high by eating hashish.
  • Hazard. (Noun. A danger or risk.) The French game hasard was “a game of change played with dice”. It might have come from Spanish azar (“an unfortunate card or throw at dice”). So games of chance are hazardous.
  • Whiskey/Whisky. This is from a Gaelic word that literally means “water of life”. Hehehe.


  • Avarice: noun. Extreme greed for wealth or material gain. “The president’s avarice kept him motivated.”
  • Fulminate: verb. Express vehement protest. “The students fulminated against the new curriculum.”
  • Mendacity: noun. Untruthfulness. “The girl was embarrassed by her past mendacity.”

Have a great weekend.

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