Words of the Day (9/11)

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Etymologies (thanks to Clare’s questions):

  • lexicon – Lexicon comes from the Greek word lexis, which means… word.
  • Lexus – Lexus (like the car) is the short form of Alexus, which is a variant of the name Alexis. Alexis comes from Greek; it means helper, or defender. There are many variants of this name, including Alex, Alexander, Alexius, Xander, Sasha, Alexa… It looks like it doesn’t have a connection to “lexicon”.
  • amaranthine (dark reddish purple; like the flower amaranth) – this comes from the Greek word amarantos, which means everlasting. A- = “not”; marantos = “dying away, extinguishing”. Writers use the word amaranth to describe a flower that never fades.


  • chary – wary; cautious. “She was chary of investing in an expensive juicer.”
  • didactic – intended to teach or instruct (sometimes it has a negative connotation). “The lecture was slow-paced and didactic; I almost fell asleep!”
  • exigent – urgent; pressing. “The exigent demands of her boss took a toll on her health.”

Have a great weekend.

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    thanks for answering my questions maggie! i drive a lexus and my neighbor is Alexis so im feeling totally cool knowing this.

    🙂 thanks!

    what is the word for a person who is a “self teacher?”

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